Sunday, April 3, 2016

All Hail the Kale!

While juicing I have been introduced to several new vegetables and fruits along the way. Some encounters have not been fantastic, but others have made their way into our kitchen on almost a daily basis.

They will be welcome for a long while.

I'm not sure how kale stands on the taste test of leafy greens, but I DO know how they stand on the energy boost I get after drinking a juice containing kale!

Over the last few weeks since I started this new health plan, I have gone from craving breads and sugar (such as doughnuts... Daylight Doughnuts doughnuts... apple fritter... micro 8 seconds) to craving juice! Especially the ones containing kale.

So what's the secret?

Kale is pretty dense with nutrients and add that to the fact that juicing kale eliminates the bulk while retaining most nutrients, you've got a powerful punch of energy! It's loaded with...

  • 14 vitamins and minerals 
  • properties proven to lower cholesterol, which boosts your heart health
  • antioxidants which are preventative against several types of cancers
  • substances which greatly diminish normal aging of the eyes and prevents cataracts
There are many juice recipes with kale in the Reboot with Joe "101 Juice Recipes" book. I use this book daily. It's worth every penny!
What else can you do with kale? I use it in salads, since I cannot have iceberg lettuce but another favorite use is kale chips. Amazingly easy, crispy and tasty. There are a bounty of recipes online with variations of spices that I'm sure you would love to dig into at snack time.

There are also several brands of kale chips at the groceries store, usually found on the chip aisle. Of course, you can probably come out cheaper with homemade.

One more note about the power of kale... one of the 14 vitamins and minerals found in kale is a fairly large amount of vitamin C. As you probably already know, vitamin C is an immune system booster and an acid which literally fights against bacteria and viruses in your body on your behalf!

By comparison, 1 cup of kale has more vitamin C than 1 orange. 

This past week, our family was hit hard with a stomach virus (lay-on-the-couch-for-a-full-day-with-a-garbage-can-virus). Interestingly, the three people in our home who juice each day, did not become sick. 

I do not think that was a coincidence. I believe our immune systems are rocking hard! (Refer to my post titled Juicing: Considering the Cost  about how the benefits of juicing outweigh whatever extra you probably would pay to begin juicing)

Give it a try and see if you too don't feel amazingly better in only a few days!

Keep up the fight!


P.S. With no effort besides this healthier foods lifestyle, I am now only 3 lbs away from my goal weight! 16 pounds down in only about three weeks, an awesome benefit!

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