Friday, March 18, 2016

Juicing 101

The second radical step I have changed in my diet is the addition of juicing.

To get the full skinny on the benefits of juicing, I highly recommend watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (you can see the entire film free through this link) and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2, which are both available to watch via instant play on Netflix, or you can purchase the DVD's from either website.

The first film documents Joe Cross as he implements a diet solely based on juicing in order to lose weight, reboot his immune system and get his health back on track. His book, "The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet" explains how to get started, various juicing plans to follow (such as: 3-day, 5-day, 30-day, juice only or juice-plus-food plans), in addition to recipes and testimonials.

Joe Cross

The second film deals more with maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle after the initial juice diet, and how to incorporate it into your life permanently, verses "yo-yo dieting". This film helped me better understand how the autoimmune system is effected by our diet.

In a nutshell, the average American diet is nutrient empty, sugary and processed, not to mention genetically altered and chemically laden. This has affected our bodies tremendously. Juicing provides an extremely high amount of micronutrients that most bodies are starving for.

What does this have to do with my solution for Multiple Sclerosis?

It again deals with our auto immune systems. If we continually consume unhealthy foods, as they are presented to our immune system, our healthy cells become confused about how to handle the chemicals and byproducts therefore becoming unhealthy, and they will begin attacking our own body. This applies to any autoimmune disorder. So this brings about...

Step two: Implement juicing into your diet with an array of fruits and vegetables. 

I'm not talking about having some fresh apple juice occasionally. I'm talking about throwing some green leafy vegetables in that juicer, along with some fruits, even some roots and give your body the nutrient boost it has been starving for! You will be amazed at how much better you will feel!

If you are concerned about what should go in your juice, I use the "101 Juice Recipes" book, also from Joe Cross, which shows me exactly what to juice, how to juice it and the health benefits of each juice cocktail. Easy! (and trust me, I need easy)

While some take the plunge and solely drink juice for stretches of time, I have opted to juice a little less radically. Monday through Friday, I have juice for both breakfast and lunch, but solid foods remain in my diet by eating snacks and dinner, along with regular meals on weekends. This is not only because I personally need to chew some food each day to feel complete... it also allows for me to maintain this lifestyle long term.

Of course, this excludes any foods on my intolerance list, but after a trip to Publix for gluten, dairy and sugar free snacks, I don't think I will starve anytime soon (fair warning: NEVER go to Publix hungry).

Am I ever tired? I have 7 kids, we home school, my house is for sell, so I am having to work on the house and clean it a lot, I take a full time load of college courses, I have permenant nerve damage, so, yes, I do still get tired. But I believe I am at MY physical best with these healthy lifestyle changes.

Do you believe you are at YOUR physical best? It's not that far out of reach.

I began steps one and two only 5 days ago and the difference is remarkable!

No more headaches, no more crashes, no more dependence on coffee! My intention wasn't weight loss, but regardless, I have shed 7 lbs in only 5 days!

I will be seeing my internal medicine doctor today to regroup and see what the food allergy test means long term. Should I retest? What is the best path for my MS concerning my diet from this point on?

Also, I see another brain/spine MRI in the near future.. so I will also share what I learn from my Neurologist/MS Specialist concerning my solution plans.

Any juicing questions? Comment below!

Keep up the fight!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! You have really done your research!! I'm excited about your already seeing results!!!

    1. Thanks! The rapid weight loss is an added bonus, for sure.