Monday, March 28, 2016

Juicing: Considering the Cost

Let's face it... fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than canned foods or processed foods.

I will be totally honest and say that in the last three weeks of purchasing groceries, our grocery budget has increased, especially considering we have 2 adults and 1 older teen juicing in this house. Remember we are only juicing for lunch and dinner, but our fridge is FULL of produce and our counters are too.

On a side note: in my experience, Publix's produce far exceeds and outlasts any other produce that I have purchased for juicing. An important tip to remember while shopping at Publix is to avoid "organic" labeled produce, as this really increases price. Also, visit and see what produce they have on sale each week and gear your juices around those items.

So, what are we saving short term?

  • with the energy levels increased by juicing, we are saving ourselves time by being more efficeient
  • we are saving our bodies from having to digest and process foods that we weren't made to process... preservatives, high fat, high sugar, etc
  • we are saving ourselves money on products intended to beautify our skin (I'm telling you, this skin is glowing!)
  • we are saving ourselves the expense and hardship of viral illness because our immunity levels are to the roof
Which brings us to, what are we saving ourselves long term?

  • by limiting viral illness, we protect ourselves from auto immune attacks in the form of new central nervous system lesions, for the MS patient
  • we are protecting our bodies from possible future disease, such as cancer and heart disease, because many of the highly concentrated nutrients of these juices promote healthy cell growth and doesn't clog up our blood with cholesterol
  • another positive point about the increased energy levels, we are more apt to move and exercise, which also increases our mobility and longevity
  • most importantly, our healthy lifestyle is a positive impact for our children to live healthy lives giving them all these benefits for generations to come!
Now, look over this list and tell me where an increased grocery bill isn't worth what you are getting in exchange? The benefits are much more than I can list on this blog. I wish I could list them because I believe it would somehow benefit every single person. Yes, this blog is geared towards MS, but I truly believe this can help any autoimmune disease.

I truly believe it can help with even congenital disease.

I believe it could benefit even the healthiest person on the planet because of it's preventative components!

Let me interject to MS patients here, that while implementing juicing into my lifestyle has been an unbelievably positive experience, there are still times that exhaustion can strike. So far, for me that has been due to over-working (i.e. literally cleaning the house 5 times in one week for showings because our house is for sell) and also, for women MS patients, several days before our cycle, we can become pretty lethargic.

All the juice in the world isn't going to completely eradicate fatigue from the MS patient, but during these times I think "imagine how much worse I would feel without juicing"! I have been there and it is considerably worse. It's lay-in-the-bed-worse and I trust me, people, I am not the lay-in-the-bed type.. I've got lots to do at all times!  

So, keep in mind if you decide to follow these steps, you WILL feel amazingly better, but we still have MS. It's not perfection, and it's probably not a cure, but it IS improvement of our daily lives.

This was key to me. I needed help with simple, ordinary life and I have gotten that from these changes.

For those interested, I am considering holding my very first MSforMS webinar! Even if it is just me and one other person, that is fine, as long as I can get the word out about steps to improve our lives, so stay tuned for that announcement,... until then...

Keep up the fight!



  1. Okay, young lady...........being your mother, I have always been proud of you but your taking the chance on this method of improving your health is really impressive and I am so thankful for the positive outcome.

    1. Thanks! I am so thankful too, I think it could help a whole host of people!