Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Introductions and Purpose


Hi! Let me introduce myself and the purpose of this blog. 

My name is Laura, a 40-something mom of seven. I wouldn't consider myself a die hard health nut. I have exercised somewhat regularly over my lifetime, and have had waves of extreme diet changes... some healthy, some not (such as the "cookie diet" of  '91).
I began having some serious health issues about 3 years ago, beginning with a bout of Transverse Myelitis (a lesion across the spinal cord) high in the spine at level C2, which left me severely numb from the neck down and hospitalized for a week. Several doctors wanted to take the plunge and call it Multiple Sclerosis (scarring on the central nervous system caused by an autoimmune process) from the beginning, but as we all know, it isn't that easy. 

One lesion doesn't fit the criteria for Multiple Sclerosis.

From this initial attack, I was left with hands and feet unable to feel normally, continuous body spasms, heat intolerance (body goes numb when the body temperature rises), extreme fatigue at times and some walking issues. After years of testing, starting medications, stopping medications and neurologists in conflict over a diagnosis, I decided to go to a natural health physician to see if she could give me some answers that may improve daily life. This started with testing.

The testing was to evaluate my blood for vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems, clotting issues and food allergies, among other things.

Between the initial test and obtaining the results, we were in for quite a surprise. Upon instruction of my physicians, and based on my current abilities to care for my family (I felt I was at my limit) we decided to use a non-hormonal IUD to prevent pregnancy. Long story short. It didn't. 

I've always had a difficult time with nausea and food issues while pregnant, so when I arrived for the results of my tests, a diet upheaval was definitely not on the table (pun intended). Still, here was my list of food intolerances:
  • Sugar
  • Wheat (plus gluten)
  • Baker's yeast
  • Eggs (white and yolk)
  • Cow's milk
  • All cheese
  • Lettuce
  • plus a few non-staples: cantaloupe, cinnamon, coconut, chili pepper, rye, strawberry, and black walnut

My diet IS sugar, bread and milk (and in that order)! To remove these items from our diet truly appeared to be an insurmountable task. 

Frankly speaking, it wasn't going to happen. 

How could I live without these foods in my diet (ever)? And, how could a wife and mother of such a large family change how we have been eating for nearly 25 years?

Stay tuned...

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