Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How goes it?

10 days in and where are we?

Overall I cannot express to you through this virtual means how incredibly BETTER I feel!

  • I have tons more energy (throughout the day, not just mornings)
  • My mind is sharp and alert
  • Pain I was having because of muscles spasms (these are an all day "pulling" in my muscles) are almost non-existent... this means so much to me
  • Elevated mood, I believe from just feeling better. It's difficult to be cheerful when your body is so worn down and you are in pain much of the day.
  • Increased desire to exercise. I have made myself exercise since the first episode in an effort to keep my legs and body strong, but usually, it was mind over matter. Now, my body is telling my mind to exercise, which makes it so much easier and enjoyable.
  • Weightloss? 10 in 10. Yes, 10 lbs in 10 days. Crazy but true. And the real crazy thing is, I'm NOT starving. This girl can chunk down some serious fat and protein with nuts, avocados and even sweet potato chips. Don't think I'm over here wilting. I'm chowing down!
  • The least of these concerns and an unexpected byproduct is my skin is really radiant. For a forty-something, this is a big deal.
Wow! What more can I say besides wow? This has been an incredible start. I am so thankful I jumped in and gave this a try!

I realise I am in the honeymoon phase here. I realise those birthday parties and holidays are coming to stare me down with their sugar laden, glutneous maximus. But, so far, when old favorites have come to visit, such as the chocolate chip cookies my darling daughter made this week... the temptation simply isn't there.

I don't believe this is from a matter of my will in the sense that I refuse to mess up what I have started. Those old cravings, pullings and yearnings are dead.

How odd.

If you happen to personally know me, you will understand, my sweet tooth was enormous, so, for me to go 10 days without sugar and then look over at a bowl of chocolate candies with disinterest is pretty amazing. Can I get a witness?

Which step gave the greatest benefit? I'm not sure. Eliminating the intolerances definitely was a boost in my energy with lack of sugar crashes and gluten induced fatigue, but the huge boost from the micronutrients of juicing has to be what nitrous oxide is to a race car.

As stated in my Juicing 101 post, I was only planning on juicing breakfast and lunch, and only Monday through Friday. I like to sink my teeth into actual food and experience some crunchiness in my life. But this past weekend I wanted juice for lunch, thank you. And I had it. Saturday and Sunday. It just makes you feel so good.

So, there you have it! Grand success! We will see how this goes long term and also see if my documented medical situation improves, or at least, doesn't worsen in the near future.

What will the benefits be to my health? Am I really employing a solution for my MS?

Only time will tell. I don't mind waiting so much if I'm going to feel this good doing it!

Interested in Juicing?

I believe juicing could benefit anyone on the planet, especially with any type of autoimmune illness.
I was considering holding an informational meeting on juicing. Text, message, call or comment on this blog (not anonymously) if you are interested and I will see what I can pull together!

Keep up the fight!


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