Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Doctor's Orders

Yesterday was my 6 month MS check up, with an additional 12 month MRI update thrown in. What's the verdict?


Not even one new lesion!

Of course my old friends are still there but not growing or glowing.

So, no relapse in a full year! This is quite encouraging to me because not only did I hold out just with Copaxone on my side (MS medication to lessen new lesions by 1/3), now, with the addition of my diet improvements, I stand in the absolute best position looking forward!

One thing MS patients desperately need is hope for our future. Near future and far.

My doctor asked what I had been up to so I told her I had gone back to school full time. She said that was great and so I then told her (with unrestrained exuberance) about my diet and asked what she thought about it. She said eliminating food intolerances and juicing were wonderful things to do. She believes... get this..

     "our diet is a lot of the cause of what is wrong with our bodies including autoimmune issues."

This is what I've been screaming! Who is "our" in that sentence? Society. Us. Our diet has become out of control and harmful to us. Let us fight back!

No, our diet can't possibly protect us from all illnesses, but I believe it can completely prevent many of the illnesses we are laden with today, and improve the lives and health of those who have disease, whether or not it is self induced.

On my way out of the appointment my doctor asked what degree I was going for in college, and I told her Psychology for counseling. She said "Let me know when you get your degree, we may have a job for you here. Wouldn't THAT be cool?"

Cool indeed.

Hope for the future... indeed.

Never lose hope.

Keep up the fight!



  1. I have already expressed my delight in your 'no new lesion' news but just had to say again......PRAISE God!! I am so thrilled that there is nothing amiss with yesterday's MRI!

  2. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡